Buying new tires isn’t necessarily an exciting purchase but it’s one of the key ways to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you when driving. The life of a tire can vary widely based on the vehicle type, driving style, average mileage per year, and road conditions. Most car and truck manufacturers include replacement information about tires in the owners’ manual, and may include a list of tire repair shops near you. However, there are a few important things to know before researching ‘tires near me’ on your phone.
  • Shop for new tires before you need them. This will give you the chance to shop around, price check tires, and if necessary, order the ones you really want instead of having to take what’s on hand because you have a flat and are desperate.
  • What kind of tires are already on your vehicle? Look at the sidewalls to get some important information about the construction, size, and speed rating of the tires already on the car or truck. Check this information against what’s called for in the owners’ manual to be sure you buy what you need, especially if you’re not the one who put on the existing tires.
  • What kind of driving will you do? Tires come in different types for various kinds of driving you might experience in Denver. For example, most people have heard of snow tires but there are also all-season, performance all-season, summer tires, and all-terrain tires. The tread, speed rating, and tread-wear warranties vary across tire types.
  • Consider replacing all four tires at one time, if at all possible. This ensure the best performance of all tires working together.
  • Avoid mixing tire types and speed ratings. Inconsistencies among the four tires can lead to performance issues.
By talking with someone at a reputable mobile tire repair shop, you can be assured of getting the right kind of tires for your car or truck. Experienced tire professionals know the market and can make suggestions or provide advice based on the kind of driving you do and your particular driving style, such as taking turns with speed or frequently traveling roads in poor condition. This will help ensure you get the right tires for your car or truck.

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