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Most people don’t think too much about the tires they put on the car, as long as the tire shop sells something comparable to what was on the vehicle before. But today’s tires have come a long way from the rubber and oil composition of yesterday. Technological advancements mean the tires that SJ Tire Company sells and installs include several specialized layers of materials. Each layer plays a critical role in how the tire functions and its longevity. That’s why it’s so important to find a tire shop near you that sells the kind of tires you need. When you need help with your tires, you can always count on our Englewood team to give you the service you need.

Because of their high-performance materials and construction, new tires purchased today are able to maintain good contact with the road in all weather and can even help improve a car’s performance and fuel efficiency. But that doesn’t mean any tire will do. Tires today are rated for different purposes, and choosing the right tire for the kind of driving you regularly do gives you the best results. For example, if you frequently tow a heavy weight, you’ll need a tire with a higher load range than someone who never tows anything with their car. If you do a lot of driving in heavy rain and snow, you’d want a tire with a higher traction grade, like snow tires.

It’s also important to consider whether the kind of driving you do requires swapping out snow tires for summer tires. SJ Tire Company changes out tires like this as part of its mobile tire replacement service. We’ll even store your off-season tires for you. Our secure site keeps your off-season tires tagged, clean, and easily accessible to you anytime. 

The life expectancy of your tires will depend a lot on getting a tire that best meets your driving needs. Most tires need to be changed at least every six years; after that, the rubber starts to dry out over time and creates stress on the tire’s structure. That stress can crack the tire’s surface, causing a blowout. 

SJ Tire Company’s mobile tire replacement service near you means minimal downtime while your tires are getting changed. Our professionally trained technicians will come to you, whether you’re at home or at work. Contact our Englewood team today to learn how we can help keep your cars safe on the road with incredible options for tires.