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Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Your tire pressure monitoring system — often referred to as a TPMS — is a series of electronic sensors designed to monitor the air pressure in your tires. It uses real-time readings to alert you when the tire pressure drops below a certain level, usually with a particular symbol that illuminates on your car’s dashboard, something similar to a horseshoe and exclamation point in the middle of it. Some advanced TPMS alerts will also indicate which tire or tires are suffering from improper pressure levels. If you need help with your TPMS, you can always count on the Englewood team at SJ Tire Company. We can help ensure your tires are in the best shape possible at all times of the year. Reach out to learn more about your TPMS and how we can enhance it.

Tires with low pressure require extra effort to move, which leads to poor fuel efficiency. That low pressure could also signal a larger problem with the tires. There could be a small hole or other weakness in the tire that requires you to constantly add air to the tire or consider replacing it. In addition, the combination of low tire pressure and the speeds at which we drive every day can create dangerous conditions. When you blow a tire on a highway, it’s easy to lose control of the car, risking an accident that could even involve other drivers. Not only is low tire pressure a key safety issue, but it can also drastically shorten the life of your tires with uneven tread wear.

The sensors that make up your TPMS are powered by non-serviceable batteries and eventually fail due to the failing power source, which usually takes seven to nine years. That’s why, when new tires are purchased and installed, it’s recommended that your tire pressure sensors be replaced too. This ensures that you’re never without the critical safeguards that this safety tool provides. And that’s why this is one of the services SJ Tire Company provides as a tire shop in Denver. We do more than fix a flat; we provide mobile flat tire repair that includes a check of your TPMS, too.

At SJ Tire Company, we have the tools, equipment, training, and knowledge to properly diagnose and service your tire pressure monitoring system. We can provide mobile service on the road, at your home, or at your place of business for peace of mind, anytime. Book an appointment with one of our skilled tire service technicians today. Our Englewood team looks forward to hearing from you!