A flat tire is a hassle no matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving. Getting a flat while you’re driving a truck, though, can be extra challenging. The size and weight of the truck require extra care in changing the tire safely and getting back on the road. And if you already know how to change a tire, you’re halfway there.

Stopping Safely With a Flat Tire

Finding a safe place to stop the truck in Denver might be the most important step in dealing with a flat. Stopping at a bend in the road or on a stretch of highway with a very narrow shoulder could set the stage for a tragedy; if another driver doesn’t see you or isn’t paying attention, there could be a serious, life-threatening collision. The best location to pull over is someplace level and wide enough for you to work safely. If necessary, get off the highway and onto a smaller road and seek out a parking lot. Regardless, as soon as there’s a problem, put the flashers on so nearby motorists know to use caution near your vehicle.

Changing a Tire: the Basics

The best preparation for changing a flat tire on a truck is the vehicle’s own manual. Barring that, check with your mechanic, fleet supervisor or tire repair shop for advice or any special tools you’ll need. At the very least, know if you have a spare tire stowed away. Once you’re in a safe location, apply wheel wedges to prevent the vehicle from rolling, and use a lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts of the affected tire. In some cases, you may need to remove a hubcap first. Position the jack and lift the truck. Loosen the lug nuts the rest of the way and remove them carefully. Take off the old tire, and place the new one in its place. Reapply the lug nuts and tighten them about halfway. Lower the vehicle using the jack and tighten the lug nuts again. Remove the jack, and then tighten the lug nuts completely. Replace the hubcap if necessary.

An Alternative Solution

Sometimes, it’s not possible for you to change the truck tire. Perhaps there are tools missing or the spare isn’t road-ready. In other cases, the sheer size of the truck and tire make it a two-man job. In that case, calling a mobile flat tire repair shop in Denver can be a good way to fix the flat and be on your way. A qualified mobile repair professional can come out and safely assist you with changing the tire or making a minor repair that will get you to your destination. SJ Tire Company offers comprehensive mobile flat tire repair services for cars and trucks. For more information, contact SJ Tire Co. today 720-998-3891 for new tires for your car or truck!

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