Drivers generally know a lot about how to prepare their car for safe winter driving but preparation for summertime driving is just as important. The general heat and friction created by the movement of the tire across pavement is a consideration but so are the general heat and humidity levels where you’re doing most of your driving. Use these tips to protect your tires during harsh warm weather driving.

Use the Tire Ratings

Know what kind of tires you have; it’s easy to forget when pulling your ordinary tires out of seasonal tire storage and putting away your snow tires. Whether they’re new tires or used tires, tires are rated on the sidewall, including composition, size, traction, and temperature rating. There are three temperature ratings, from A to C. An A-rated tires is best able to withstand heat, although this is a guide and not a guarantee.

Maintain Good Tire Pressure

Check pressure regularly with a quality tire gauge. Consider investing in a good one and keep it in the glove box of your car. Make using it part of your regular car care routine, such as when you refill the gas tank. Or tie it to a regular activity like paying a car loan or car insurance to remind you. Use the tire pressure numbers on the sticker inside the driver’s side door and use that as your guide in adjusting the tire pressure. A recurrent problem (over or underinflation) may need professional care.

Keep Tires Well-Maintained

You may do more driving in the summer. Wash the grime off your tires regularly. Consider adding a protectant product to prevent dehydrating the rubber. While maintaining your tires, make a visual inspection of them, too. Look for uneven wear, cracks, bulging, and more. Getting your oil changed? Make sure you get the tires rotated, often a paired service. Watch for signals from your car’s built-in tire pressure monitoring system, which will usually illuminate a dashboard light, although it’s unwise to rely on this exclusively.

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Taking good care of your tires in the summer will help prevent getting stuck on the side of the road in the hot sun, waiting for a mobile tire repair. Common sense and low-cost tips like providing your tires with ordinary care and maintenance can keep your new tires and used tires trouble-free. Contact SJ Tire Co today!

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