Off-road driving is a great way to have some fun while exploring with your friends. But having the right tires on your vehicle can make the difference between a good time and waiting for mobile tire repair. Learn more about the best tires for off-road driving.

Snow Tires

Most people might not think of using their snow tires as off-road tires but in some circumstances, they can occasionally get the job done if you’re not driving off-road regularly. The wide treads provide good overall traction. The special rubber composition of the tires performs well in cold temperatures, so if you’re thinking of doing off-road driving in warm weather, it may be inadvisable to pull your snow tires from storage and choose one all-terrain or mud-terrain tires or you may find yourself looking for mobile tire repair services.

All Terrain Tires

All-terrain tires are capable of occasional off-road driving in addition to daily driving. The tire treads are wider and more open than typical stock tires but not as extreme as those on mud-terrain tires. The rubber that all-terrain tires are made of is usually a little softer than stock tires so there’s some give as tires roll over rough roads. All-terrain tires aren’t as great as mud-terrain tires on sandy, snowy or muddy roads but they are better than stock tires.

Mud Terrain Tires

These are tires that most people imagine when they hear “off-road tires”. Whether new tires or used tires, these have wider and deeper treads to push away mud and maintain traction, especially on uneven surfaces. Mud terrain tires have heavily reinforced sidewalls that prevent punctures and damage from rocky and uneven trails for exclusive off-road driving. Because of its construction and design, this kind of tire doesn’t provide a very smooth ride when used for ordinary day-to-day driving; in addition, they can wear more quickly than other types of tires.

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Off-road tires are more durable and the rubber is more firm than ordinary daily driving tires. There are several kinds of tires that can work for off-road driving and depending on how often and how extreme the conditions are, one type may work better than the others. Be sure to inspect your new tires or used tires before heading out for off-road driving. Mobile tire replacement services near you may not be able to access off-road areas well. Contact SJ Tire Co today!

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