Chances are you’ll be completely unprepared when the TPMS alert is triggered on your dashboard. Everything will seem fine, you’ll get in the car, the dashboard lights will illuminate as you start the car, and then they’ll all go off except that one. Or maybe you’ll be driving and it will suddenly light up. That bulb with an exclamation point in the middle. It’s the TPMS alert.


That acronym stands for tire pressure monitoring system. Your car is equipped with sensors that monitor the air pressure in each of your tires. When one of those sensors is tripped, it lights up on your dashboard to signal that you need to take action. Typically, the TPMS alert goes on when your tire pressure decreases by 25% from what’s called for in your car’s owner’s manual.

What To Do When the TPMS Light Goes On

You’d think it would be easy to see that your tire lost 25% of it’s recommended pressure but it’s not. That’s why, when the TPMS light goes on, it’s important to bring your car in for service. Ask a technician to check the tire pressure and look for a cause of the problem. It could be a slow leak in the rubber tire tread or it could be a damaged valve stem.

Get Your Tires Checked

Whether you have used tires or new tires, the TPMS light can switch on. It’s a key safety feature in your car that is meant to prevent you from driving with unsafe tires. When tires lose a lot of pressure, they can be more likely to wear unevenly or blowout. When you’re in urgent need of tire repair, call a mobile tire repair service. A skilled and knowledgeable automotive technician can quickly assess the situation and guide you to making the best decision for your vehicle.

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