It’s not often that most people think about how the tires on their car are wearing out. But by taking a good look at the tire treads it’s possible to gain some useful insights into how you’re driving and how your car is performing; if you don’t know, you might find yourself needing mobile tire repair services sooner than you expect. Under ideal driving conditions – including regular rotation and optimal tire pressure – normal tire wear presents as an even decrease in the entire surface of the tread. When the tire tread doesn’t look like that, there might be a problem.

When Tire Wear Is Cause for Concern

It’s usually not too difficult to see that your tires aren’t experiencing normal wear when you stop to take a really good look at them or turn to a tire shop near you for guidance. Here are some common signs of abnormal wear:

  • When you see most of the wear in the middle of the tire and the treads on the right and left side are still in good shape, that’s called center wear
  • When tires show wear on the right and left sides of the tread but the center of it is still in good shape, it’s called shoulder wear; imagine carrying a load on your shoulders while you’re head is free and you can get an idea of what this kind of wear looks like.
  • Sometimes the treads on only one side of the tire are unevenly worn; this is called feathering.
  • If you notice smooth patches on the tires where the tread has worn away and those patches go around the whole tire, it’s called cupping.
  • Sometimes, you might see a large and smooth patch on the tire that does not go around the whole tire.

Common Causes of Abnormal Tire Wear

Tires that don’t wear normally are rarely a result of poor tire manufacturing or installment. Instead, under- and over-inflated tires are the cause of center and shoulder wear. When your car’s tires drift out of alignment or you have a habit of making turns at high speeds, you can cause feathering of the tires. When there are problems with your shocks and struts, cupping may occur; and when you have a habit of hard braking, you could cause flat spots on the tires.

Keep an Eye on Your Tires!

It’s important to stay on top of how your tires look so that they can be repaired or replaced promptly as soon as you notice that there’s a problem. When tire wear is uneven, it can threaten the overall performance of the tire, and by extension, your safety. If your tire gives way while you’re on the road, you’ll need to reach out to a mobile tire repair service promptly.

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