Owning and maintaining a car is already expensive. After all, there’s regular maintenance, insurance, gas, and always some unexpected repairs. So you might be wondering if spending the money on a pair of snow tires is a good idea. And if you do buy them, what are your options for seasonal tire storage? Snow tires are developed specifically for driving on snowy and slushy roads. And depending on where you do most of your winter driving, they can be essential.

Modern Snow Tires to Meet Your Needs

Snow tires are typically made of a different rubber composition than regular or all-season tires. They withstand cold temperatures better without losing flexibility or grip. And it used to be there there was only one kind of snow tire but now there are several, including studded, studless, and studdable, to give drivers plenty of options. This makes it easy to find tires that perfectly match your driving style and needs.

Have Greater Control Over Your Vehicle

Wet weather means you need more time to stop a moving vehicle. And while you might be leaving extra time between your car and the one in front of you, the unpredictable nature of winter driving means that anything can happen. Regular tires are more likely to lose traction and allow the car to skid. With snow tires, the tread is designed to more effectively channel snow, slush, and water away from the tire. This ensures greater contact between the tires and the road. That grip keeps you from skidding and sliding, especially when you need to stop the car.

Follow the Law

In some states, like Colorado, there may be laws that dictate when snow tires are required on certain roads. When that’s the case, it’s important to buy snow tires so that you’re in compliance with the law. The good news is that investing in a pair of good snow tires will get you through roughly three winter seasons with them. Many tire companies that sell snow tires will also offer seasonal tire storage during the warmer months.

Stay Prepared

For many drivers, especially those in Colorado, snow tires are a critical part of winter preparation. And mobile tire repair services are ready to step in and assist if those snow tires need to be repaired while you’re on the road. They’ll safely get that tire changed so you can be on your way to work, school or home, safely.

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