There’s never a good time to need new tires, and for many people, it can be more affordable to buy only two new tires at a time. But failing to buy all four tires for sale at the same time can risk your vehicle’s performance and your safety, so it may be worth the financial stretch.

Tires Meant to Work Together

Automotive engineering and design have progressed to a level of performance where in nearly all cases, all four tires of a vehicle are intended to work together. That’s why it’s so important for tires to match in size, construction, and tread. The installation of four new tires at the same time, plus regular rotation, ensures that each tire wears evenly and at the same pace as the others. A difference as slight as one millimeter can affect a car’s handling and the drivetrain. Replacing only two means the “good” tires have to work harder to compensate for the two “bad” tires, a risky prospect when you’re counting on those tires to ride safely in any weather. .

The Problem with Mixing Tires

When your vehicle has four tires with mis-matched sizes or treads, each tire spins at a different RPM, which can affect the car’s suspension. While the car’s differential can overcome much of this difference, it’s not foolproof; the condition of the tires can eventually become more than the differential can correct. Mixed tires can affect a car’s traction, anti-lock brakes, and all-wheel-drive functions. You may experience handling problems like skidding or performance problems like mechanical breakdown.

Managing Your Tire Needs and Purchases

Typically, car manufacturers recommend buying four new tires at the same time for best performance of tires and the vehicle. Drivers with time to save up and shop around can often find a deal on tires for sale as a set. That may be more affordable per-tire than buying single tires individually. It may also, in the long run, save time and labor costs, too, instead of replacing one at a time.

Contact a Mobile Tire Expert in Denver today

When your vehicle has broken down with a flat tire and you need to call a mobile tire installation service for assistance, the primary concern is getting you back on the road quickly and safely. But once you’re on your way, you’ll need to decide whether to replace a single tire or all four. For maximum safety and most effective performance, consider replacing all four. Contact SJ Tire Co today for your mobile tire installation needs!

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