All-season tires offer high performance in most driving conditions but they may not be the ideal tire choice for everyone. Much of it comes down to where you live and the typical winter driving conditions you’ll face, whether that’s usually only flurries or a few inches of snow at a time or frequent heavy snowfall and blizzards. Learn more about why you should consider all-season tires as well as the circumstances under which you should consider installing snow tires instead.

The Benefits of All Season Tires

All-season tires don’t require changing as the road conditions change between summer and winter. This can save you money, both in labor and the storage costs that come with owning seasonal snow tires. All-season tires can handle wet spring roads, hot and dry summer roads, slippery and muddy autumn roads, and snowy winter roads in most conditions. Because the treads are relatively shallow, they provide a smooth ride under ordinary road conditions. All season tires are also more common and may be easier to replace when you’re in need of mobile tire repair.

Why Skip All Season Tires

Because of their more shallow tread style, all-season tires don’t demonstrate the same traction you’d see in snow tires. This is a problem if you do a lot of winter driving on deeply snowy and icy roads; seasonal snow tires have deep treads that effectively push snow and slush away from the surface of the tire. The consistency of the rubber on all-season tires is a little different too, and because it’s a little more rigid, you could have a blowout and need mobile tire replacement on the side of the road. The combination of deeper treads and softer rubber means that seasonal snow tires often don’t last as long as all-season tires do before needing mobile tire replacement.

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When it’s time to buy new tires or used tires for your vehicle, all-season tires might be a good fit for your driving style and the road conditions near you. Trust SJ Tire Co to provide the right all-season tires for mobile tire repair at any time of year!

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