Whether new or used, if you’re in the Denver area and looking for “tire sales near me”, look no further than SJ Tire Company! You can use our tire search engine online now to get a better idea of how we can best match your cars needs.

“Do I Really Need Tires?”

We often think the whole performance of our car rests under the hood, but every vehicle needs a good set of wheels to truly move. In fact, the tires are the only part of our cars that touch the road! So taking good care of them and making sure they receive the proper maintenance is how we enhance the life and performance of our vehicles.

New Tires Vs. Used Tires

Having new tires seems like a bit of a hefty investment, but it more often than not is the smart choice to make. You don’t want to wait until something goes wrong to be fully convinced that you have to change your tires. Another available option, which is significantly cheaper at times, is to buy used tires. They won’t assure you the safety and longevity of new tires, but they can very easily still get the job done.

How Long Will They Last For?

Tires will usually maintain their tread for around 50,000 miles before wearing down to thin levels. Going off of the common driver, who puts roughly 1,000 miles on their car a month, new tires will last about 3-4 years. And most used tires come with around 75% of their tread still on them, so they can last on average 2-2.5 years.


Being on the road can be a menacing place with worn tires. Turns are harder to make at faster speeds and slowing down becomes less effective. Your safety is in question, whether you’re buying used or new tires, and so is the safety of other people. It’s best to keep everyone safeguarded by contacting SJ Tire Co. today and purchasing an option from our large selection of tires!

Gas Efficiency

Worn down treading will demand a greater force of power from our vehicles, in turn burning more gas. It literally pays to make sure your wheels are in good shape. Run the penny test to get a good reading. You turn a penny upside down and stick it in between the tread of your tire. If all of Lincolns head is showing, it is time for a new tire, which means saving on gas!

Tires For Sale In Denver

Your car, wallet, security, and the security of others will all significantly benefit from some great tires. It is easy to overlook, but essential to good driving. Our new tires here at SJ Tire Company can resolve all your tire needs, with all around high-quality service. Come check out what we have available today. We hope this article has been helpful and look forward to working with you to get your vehicle in the best stead possible!

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