Surveys suggest only 42 percent of Americans are confident in how to change a flat tire. Following that percentage is a whopping 22 percent of people who claim to be clueless about a flat tire, 19 percent who are not confident in changing a flat at all, and finally 17 percent of people who are somewhat sure that they can handle it. If you are unaware of what to do; you are not alone. Our team here at SJ Tire Company have got some answers for you!

Now That the Tire Is Flat

If your flat occurs in the middle of driving somewhere the first few things you are going to want to do are take precautionary measures, such as:
  • Pulling over to the side of the road
  • Putting your hazard lights on
  • Applying the emergency brake
Now that you are in a safer space, your approach from here on out will likely revolve around three choices:

Replacing the Tire

  • Remove the spare tire from the trunk. (usually tucked away under the floor of the trunk)
  • Remove the lug nut wrench and jack from the car. (also often in the trunk)
  • With lug nut wrench loosen but don’t remove the lug nuts on the face of the flat tire.
  • Situate the jack along the jack points under the car (metals beams running along the side of the vehicle, designed for lifting)
  • Lift the vehicle
  • Remove all of the now loosened lug nuts
  • Pull the tire off the car
  • Put the spare on
  • Tighten the lug nuts back on
  • Lower the jack and remove it from under the car
  • Tighten the lug nuts even more

Plugging The Tire

  • Gather the appropriate flat tire repair kit, a jack, and lug nut wrench (you should always keep all three in your trunk)
  • Loosen the lug nuts on the face of the flat tire
  • Situate the jack along the jack points under the car (refer to “replacing the tire” for details)
  • Lift the vehicle
  • Remove the now loose lug nuts
  • Remove the tire from the vehicle
  • Mix soap and water and pour it all over the tread of the tire
  • Locate the area of the tire where soap bubbles are forming from the air leaking out
  • Grab the reem from the repair kit, puncture the hole in the tire with it, and continue to twist the reem in and out of the hole (this prepares the tire for the next steps)
  • From your repair kit, grab your plug and insert it into the plug holder
  • Apply the contact cement from your repair kit to the hole in the flat tire
  • Insert the plug holder with the plug attached and then remove the plug holder (the plug will remain inside the tire)
  • Trim the excess plug

Contact Us for Mobile Flat Tire Repairs in Denver

If the options above seem overwhelming or too time consuming then save yourself the hassle, worry, and aggravation by simply contacting SJ Tire Company for mobile flat tire repair. An elite specialist will show up to wherever you and your flat tire are in the Denver area and take care of it all for you, with ease!

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