Car batteries are pretty much maintenance-free, and so it’s easy to not spend a lot of time thinking about your battery until you need to. Fortunately, if you pay close attention, you can see the signs your car battery might be about to go and take action to find a car battery replacement before you find your car won’t start.

7 Signs You Need a New Battery

  1. It’s been a few years since you had your battery changed, so it may be time for a replacement. Most car batteries last around five years. Longer than that and you’re driving on borrowed time.
  2. The battery appears to be in bad shape when you pop the hood. If the shape of the battery is no longer a rectangle with smooth sides, that’s a sign of trouble. Car battery cases should not have bulges, bends, or cracks.
  3. The connectors look unsightly. There’s a certain level of dirt and grime that comes with driving in Denver but if you look at the connectors and see rust, it’s time to have the battery checked.
  4. There’s a funny smell when you open the hood. The battery is meant to stay sealed but if you can smell rotten eggs, it may have been compromised and begun leaking fluid.
  5. The lights have dimmed. All of your car’s electronics run on battery power and while you might not notice something like the car radio not getting enough juice, you will notice the dashboard lights and headlamps looking dimmer.
  6. The car is hard to start. This means the battery is having a harder time producing the energy needed for starting.
  7. The check engine light tells you so. This is perhaps the easiest of all signs that your battery is in trouble. Use the vehicle’s owners’ manual to see what the battery sign is on your check engine light. When it lights up, get the battery checked promptly.

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