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Tire Swap

SJ Tire Company offers safe and secure seasonal tire and wheel storage. You’ve invested a lot in your snow tires and off-road tires. Now be sure they’re well taken care of during the off months so that they’re ready for you next season. Maybe you don’t have room to store your seasonal tires at home or it’s become too much of a burden to swap them out yourself. Or perhaps you don’t want to use that garage, shed, basement or workshop space for tire storage. SJ Tire Company has the solution. We offer up to six months of storage for a small monthly fee. It’s easy! 

When SJ Tire Company comes to replace your seasonal tires, we take your other set with us and store it carefully until you’re ready for the next seasonal swap. Then we bring them back out to you and replace the tires again, taking the off-season set back with us for storage. 

You can enjoy professionally installed seasonal tire service from the comfort of your own home, without even having to lift a finger to retrieve your own tires from storage. Not only can we help with swapping out your off-season tires, but if tire repairs are necessary, we’re a fully equipped tire shop in the Denver Metro area, providing repairs and replacements without the hassle. Our tire technicians are professionally certified and fully prepared for all aspects of tire service. 

When stored with us, your tires are protected from the elements, debris, and extreme temperature fluctuations in our secure tire storage facility. All stored tires are tagged with the owner’s contact information, and your tires are available to you any time you want them throughout the year. If needed, we’ll supply tire repair services when it’s time to reinstall those snow tires and off-road tires. 

Enjoy the value and convenience of secure off-site tire and wheel storage as well as mobile tire services in Denver with SJ Tire Company. Contact us today to arrange for storage of your snow tires and off-season tires, with tire storage that provides peace of mind.