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Wheel Buying Just Got Easier!

We count on our cars to carry out the necessary business of day to day living, whether we’re heading to work, taking our children to school or traveling to visit friends and family. That’s why having our cars’ wheels in optimum condition is so important; we count on them to safely carry the people we love and care about. 

When our cars’ wheels start to deteriorate, they’re less able to effectively provide the necessary traction that keeps cars on the road in wet or snowy conditions. Cracks, punctures, and weak spots in the rubber present ever-increasing dangers that could cause blowouts and a loss of control. And poor tire performance is directly related to poor fuel efficiency. Replacing tires on a regular schedule is one of the best ways to ensure your car’s safety and fuel efficiency. One call to SJ Tire Company can help you solve your tire problems before they start. 

When you’re searching for a tire shop near you, call on SJ Tire Company first. We serve the Denver area with a full complement of wheel repair and related services. More than just a tire shop that sells name brand tires, we also offer installation, rotation, and balancing services, too. As dedicated tire specialists, we’re uniquely positioned to provide assistance with all of your wheel and tire needs.  

SJ Tire Company understands how valuable your time is. That’s why we offer mobile tire replacement service near you. There’s no need to take time off from work or school, and no reason to sit waiting in the mechanic’s lobby while waiting for your tires to be changed, rotated or balanced. Our trained, professional tire service technicians come to you with all of the tools and equipment they need on their trucks. We can service your wheels at home or at work. 

Use our convenient tire finder to locate the right wheels for your car. Shop by vehicle type, tire size or tire brand. If you’re not sure of your wheel size, call us! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help determine which tires best fit your vehicle and your driving needs.