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Windshield-Wiper Blades in Englewood , Co

Windshield-Wiper Blade

While tires are an essential component of safe driving, the role of effective windshield wipers can’t be understated. Even if you think yours are fine, you’d probably be surprised at how much clearer things would look after installing a new set. It’s usually kind of a hassle to replace them, though. Measuring to ensure you get the right size isn’t easy. And the connectors aren’t always intuitive or as simple to snap on and off as the product packaging says. And so this is a service that SJ Tire Company offers. 


Your wiper blades are critical in helping to remove rain, snow, and debris from your windshield. They work hard during storms and when unexpected splashes interfere with your vision.  Over time, the tiny rubber wiping edges harden and crack. Otherwise, they can rip and tear or start to separate from the metal arm, causing them to perform poorly at the most crucial times. In areas of the country like Denver, where cold winter climates bring snow, sleet, freezing rain, and ice, most drivers’ wiper blades will need to be replaced at least yearly to maintain proper wiper operation. Otherwise, the annual wear and tear from ice alone can cause damage that ranges from pitting and ragged wiper blade edges to bent clips on the frame of the wipers.


For this reason, SJ Tire Company includes mobile windshield wiper installation as one of its services. Call SJ Tire Company today to learn about budget-friendly windshield wiper installation near you, at your home or office. Don’t use your precious time sitting in a mechanic’s waiting room. Make the most of your time and call SJ Tire Company. We’ll come to you, allowing you to spend more time at home with your family or avoid unnecessary interruptions at work. No matter what size windshield wiper blades you need, talk to us and we’ll make sure to get them installed quickly and accurately. 


Have confidence the next time you turn on your windshield wipers during rough weather, and be sure you can see the road safely. Book an appointment with SJ Tire Company today.