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Road Hazard Protection​

Protection For the Road

Tires are often a big investment, especially when you need to purchase a set of four at one time, like snow tires. You might be offered road hazard protection with your purchase; is it worth it? Under ideal conditions, tires can last more than five years or down to treads of 2/32”. But oftentimes, real world driving conditions mean tires don’t usually last that long – in time or tread – because of damage from punctures, potholes, and other problems.

What Does Road Hazard Protection Cover?

Typical road hazard protection plans cover repair and replacement of affected tires. Sometimes, when you get a flat, that tire can be repaired. This is usually possible when the tire has been punctured; a simple plug and patch can have you on your way with minimal interruption. In some cases, a damaged tire cannot be safely repaired. When the sidewall of the tire is affected, it can impact the structural integrity of the tire; there’s no safe way to fix that and the tire must be replaced. The exact same tire may not always be available, and in that case, a comparable tire may be substituted.

How to Make the Most of Your Road Hazard Protection

When you decide to purchase a tire protection plan, be sure to get it in writing and review it so you understand what’s covered. For example, if you were driving in off-road conditions, tire damage may not be covered. Inspect your tires regularly, especially when taking snow tires out of seasonal storage and putting them on your car, and at the end of winter when returning snow tires to seasonal tire storage for the summer months.

Buy the right tires for your vehicle and the common driving conditions you experience. Use summer tires and winter tires appropriately. Use chains according to driving needs or state law. Avoid driving through conditions where tires may be more susceptible to damage, like rough road, potholes, industrial sites.

Benefits of Road Hazard Protection

Tires can be expensive. Purchasing road hazard protection can alleviate an unexpected financial burden when tire fails. It’s an added protection that goes above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, which generally only covers problems with the manufacturing of the tire only. Choose road hazard protection through trusted mechanic who knows your car for reputable and reliable repairs and replacement. If you’re not sure which tire shop to visit, look up “tire shop near me” or seek out recommendations from friends and family. Some tire shops offer added services like seasonal tire storage so it’s worth it to call around and find the right shop for your tire needs.