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Mobile Flat Tire Repairs

Flat Repair

At SJ Tire Company, we know how inconvenient a flat tire can be. And a flat can happen anywhere: home, school, work or just on the road. Driving more than a very short distance on a flat can permanently damage the wheel, so if you’re on the road, the best thing to do is come to a stop at a safe place as quickly as possible. Turn on your flashers and raise the hood to alert other drivers on the road and reduce the chances of a collision. Then you can call for help; SJ Tire Company’s mobile flat tire repair service stands ready. 


A tire can lose air for many reasons, including a puncture, corroded rim, leaky valve stem, collision with a curb or debris in the road, or just weakness caused by normal wear. Depending on the cause, it’s possible that only a tire repair is needed; whether you need a repair or a replacement tire, SJ Tire Company can help. 


Changing a tire yourself can be a messy and dangerous job, especially if you need a flat tire repair on a busy road or the weather is bad. Oftentimes, lug nuts can be hard to loosen or tighten sufficiently. If you’re not familiar with using a jack, you could damage the car or hurt yourself. Maybe your spare tire is flat, too. For peace of mind, call on the mobile flat tire repair professionals. Regardless of the cause of your flat tire, our tire repair technicians can get you back on the road fast. We can make sure that spare, repaired or replacement tire is securely installed so that you get to your next destination safely.


When you’re looking for tire repair near you, trust SJ Tire Company. We serve communities in the Denver area with all of their tire care needs. We stock a full line of nationally known tire brands from Hankook, Michelin, Goodyear and more. Our services include everything you need to ensure your tires are installed for maximum performance, including tire rotation and tire balancing. We even check the tire pressure monitoring system.