Snow tires lined up in a snowy landscape

Here in Colorado, we get quite a bit of snow during the winter, and if you spend any time in the mountains during the winter, you experience a lot more of it! At the SJ Tire Company in Colorado, we specialize in helping drivers all over the Denver Metro Area find the best tires to meet their needs and keep them safe. If you are considering getting winter tires this season, here are four reasons why we think you should replace your all-season or summer tires with their tread-heavy cousins. For more information about getting snow tires for your car, shop our collection and reach out to us today!

Turning Grip

Whether you are driving across town or into the mountains for a ski weekend, you want to be able to hold your grip going around turns. You want to trust that when turning at a light or on the highway, you won’t slide out of the turn and crash into the wall or into the ditch, and snow tires can help you do just that. But, if you are worried about the pricing of winter tires, consider this: a wreck can cost thousands, and owning snow tires in Denver can protect you from drifting into a telephone pole and save you lots of money in the long run.

Stopping Power

It’s called four wheel drive, not four wheel stop, but driving on snow tires can indeed help you to stop quicker. Maybe not on a dime, but because of the increased tread depth, the snow has more places to go within the tire and this exposes the rubber to make contact with the road, allowing for a shorter stopping distance (even with two-wheel drive). If you are looking to stay safe driving around Denver this winter, snow tires can help you to stay confident when driving your car no matter the drivetrain.

Safer Adventures

If you are worried about safety when going into the mountains, snow tires can help you to keep you, your family, and your car safe when traveling in and out of Denver. For those of you who spend the winter chasing powder, snowshoeing, and enjoying other aspects of living in and around Denver, snow tires can help you to safely enjoy everything you are looking forward to doing! For more information about snow tires this winter and which ones are the best option for you and your vehicle, contact SJ Tire Company today.

Avoid Potential Fines

In some cases, you may actually be fined for equipping your car with inappropriate tires in the winter. This is especially true on I-70 and in situations in which you end up blocking traffic because your tires were not up to the task. Because of increased traction in snow and their ability to stop faster and turn more reliably, snow tires will prevent you from wrecking and blocking traffic, thereby avoiding those fines! The state does this to help prevent traffic build ups and pile ups as well as to help keep Coloradoans safe. Having snow tires on your car in Denver can help you to save money in the event of a wreck!

If you are looking to protect your car this winter and keep you and your family safe, snow tires are a great way to save money and enjoy everything that Denver has to offer this season. Whether you drive an AWD car or something with rear wheel drive, snow tires are vital to the operation of your vehicle this winter. For more information about getting the perfect snow tires for your car in Denver and the surrounding areas, shop online with the SJ Tire Company or visit our shop today. We can help you get the best tires that meet your needs!

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