No one looks forward to the day their car battery fails and leaves them stranded but knowing in advance what to do can alleviate some of the stress and worry the experience is likely to bring with it. Here are some strategies, some of which you can plan in advance, to help you get back on the road quickly and safely.

DIY: Use Those Jumper Cables

If you’re like many drivers, there’s a set of jumper cables sitting in the trunk of your car. Knowing how to use them puts you in control of the situation. Chances are good there’s someone nearby who can let you jump your battery off theirs. Of course, be mindful of your personal safety, too; if there aren’t a lot of other people around, you’re in an unfamiliar place or it’s dark, you may want to call for help instead of approaching a stranger for assistance.

Call Family or Friends

Here’s an opportunity to use your mobile phone for the reason we say we carry them around — to call for help. A family member or friend can come help you jump start your battery or pick you up and take you home, and you can deal with roadside assistance later. This can be a good option when it’s late, there’s inclement weather, or you’re stuck someplace that can be unsafe, like the side of a busy road.

Emergency Road Service to the Rescue

If getting a jump start or a ride from someone you know isn’t an option, call for emergency road service. Ideally, you’ll already have the number for a local service station that provides this service on your phone. A skilled and knowledgeable auto technician can quickly and safely swap out your dead battery for a new one. You’ll be back on the road fast and you’ll have solved the problem of your dead battery in one step — no need to make further arrangements for a car battery replacement.

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