Each year, as the seasons change, drivers consider the pros and cons of snow tires versus all season tires. Much of the decision-making comes down to your own driving style and driving needs. Here’s a quick overview of the pros and cons of snow tires compared with all season tires.

Snow Tires

With wide treads designed for unique winter road conditions, snow tires safely channel snow, slush, and water away from the tire. This effectively improves the car’s traction and allows for better handling and maneuverability. Snow tires can also make it easier for vehicles to stop safely in bad weather. However, the nature of the treads causes these tires to wear relatively quickly. In some areas like Denver, state regulations can govern when and where snow tires must be used, which alleviates some of the dilemma for drivers. If you do choose to buy and install snow tires, they do need to be removed and replaced before summer; these tires are not built to withstand the higher speeds people generally drive during summer, nor the heat of summer driving on hot asphalt.

All Season Tires

Providing good overall handling and a gentle ride in most conditions, all season tires are just that – made to function year-round. That said, most drivers notice a decline in performance during the winter months. These tires don’t have treads that are as deep as snow tires so their ability to channel away winter slush is limited. With normal driving, the treads can last longer than the treads on snow tires, making them budget friendly in the short-term; however, if poor winter traction leads to a collision, there’s no savings there. Some places, like Denver, have laws on the books that direct drivers to replace their tires, even all season tires, with snow tires during certain times of year or on certain roads.

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