When you’re in the market for roadside tire repair services, there are five questions you can ask in order to feel confident in your purchase. After all, it’s not when things are going well that you’ll call a tire repair shop for mobile flat tire repair but at a time when you’re truly in need. It’s better to have a good idea of what kind of services are covered before you need them.

Does the mobile flat tire repair service cover you the driver or your vehicle?

Some roadside tire repairs will be done for you regardless of whether you’re driving your car or someone else’s, while other roadside repair services cover the vehicle only. In addition, some services handle only car tires. Commercial vehicles, trucks, and motorcycles are not covered. That’s not to say you won’t be able to get assistance but you can expect to be charged separately for it, and not every mobile tire repair service will have the repair kit necessary.

What’s covered in the tire repair service?

Ask this question to learn what your options are exactly when you call a mobile tire repair company for service. The service may include sending someone out to change a tire or put on a donut. Or you may only get a patch with re-inflation and sent on your way.

Is there a limit on the number of service calls you can make?

In some areas, the roads can be pretty rough, and that takes a toll on vehicles, especially cars and trucks that travel those roads every day. Potholes, cracks in the asphalt, debris, and aged pavement can all affect the performance of your vehicle’s tires, and a flat could come at any time. Ask what the limits are on your service calls.

What is the service area of the roadside tire repair company?

It’s an awful feeling to call your roadside assistance company only to find you’re in an area that they do not service. Find out in advance what kind of geographic limits are placed on tire repair services. Some roads, like interstates, are controlled access highways where only companies with state contracts can deliver roadside assistance.

What is the response time for service?

When you call for roadside tire repair services, you want to be reasonably confident that someone will arrive to help you soon, especially if it’s late at night or the weather is bad. Ask what the usual response time for service calls in good weather and bad.

Contact a Mobile Tire Repair Expert Today

Contracting with a local tire repair shop for mobile tire repair services is a great idea. It provides peace of mind to know that the next time you get a flat tire, there’s someone you can call on for help, who’s trained in tire repair, and can get you back on the road quickly and safely. Contact SJ Tire Co today for help with your tires!

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