Car batteries aren’t something most of us shop for often. After all, they usually last at least five years and often longer than that. So it’s always good to have a reminder on what to look for when buying a car battery replacement. While many people do end up buying batteries urgently because they need one, you may get a better deal and find a better fit if you can shop for your battery in advance.

CA and CCA

You’ll want to choose a battery with the right cranking amps (CA) and cold cranking amps (CCA). These are what makes your engine turn over. The CCA helps the CA in cold climates where the low temperatures can hinder the battery’s ability to start the car. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will tell you what CA and CCA to look for.


Buy the right size. While most batteries will look the same and have similar characteristics, they can vary by size, terminal location, and type. Use your car’s owner’s manual to see what size battery you need or make your selection based on the kind of battery already installed in your car. Some vehicles can accept more than one battery type while others cannot.


Whenever a battery sits idle, the power starts to drain. Look for the code printed on the battery to see how long ago it was made. Find the battery that’s the newest; it will have lost the least amount of power since manufacturing.


Nearly all batteries come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Read the warranty for each battery you’re considering buying and make sure you understand exactly what it covers and any limitations. The warranty may cover something like two years or 24,000 miles or it may be prorated. After the replacement warranty ends, there may be a prorated warranty.

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