Nearly every Denver driver has experienced a flat tire at least once in their life. And while most consider it a hassle, it can be important to understand the reasons why a flat tire happens. Knowing this can better help you avoid flats where possible, and get the repairs you need, either at your home auto shop or from a mobile flat tire repair service.

Causes of Flat Tires

Flat tires are often caused by accidental damage. Punctures are quite common. You may have noticed this yourself when inspecting a flat tire of your own. Sometimes, it’s easy to see the nail or other object still embedded in the tire. Valve stem damage is another common cause. This can happen when you scrape the tire roughly against the curb, such as when parking. The valve stem gets wedged against it and the force of being dragged dislodges it from the tire, creating an opening for air to escape.

Other kinds of physical damage can also cause flat tires. At one extreme, brute force or collisions of any kind can cause the tire itself to separate from the rim. And at the other extreme, simple ordinary driving can generate wear and tear as the rubber goes against the rough surfaces of Denver roads, causing small holes or tears.

General Tire Repair

When you’ve got a slow leak that you know will eventually lead to a flat tire, it’s possible for you to look online for “tire repair near me” and find a reputable place to bring your car. Some tires can be patched while others cannot be repaired safely and must be replaced. But when you’re on the road or away from home, solving the problem of a flat tire can be more stressful. This is where mobile flat tire repair services come in.

Tire Repair On the Go

When you’re in Denver and sidelined by a flat tire unexpectedly, the best thing to do is get to safety and call a mobile flat tire repair service. Continuing to drive with a low or flat tire is dangerous and damaging to the wheel itself. These professionals are skilled in quickly evaluating the tire, carrying out repairs and replacements as needed, and getting you back on your way. Contact SJ Tire Co. today 720-998-3891 for your mobile tire repair needs!

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