There’s not much more annoying than a flat tire when you’re driving. But if you learn the common causes of flat tires and how to keep them from happening to you, you might be able to avoid the hassle of needing mobile tire repair, at least sometimes.

Common Causes of Flat Tires

While everyone’s driving habits are different, here are some of the most common reasons a tire goes flat:

  • Over- or under-inflation
  • Sub-standard road conditions like potholes
  • Excessive heat conditions
  • Punctured by a sharp object
  • A weak or broken valve stem
  • Normal wear and tear
  • How to Minimize Your Risk of a Flat Tire

    Use care in watching where you’re driving, especially if you need to drive on the shoulder. This is a prime location for broken glass, tacks, screws, nails, and other Avoid unnecessary speed, and drive around potholes. Don’t go through puddles but around them; when filled, it’s hard to judge how deep they are and whether they’re safe to drive through. Keep an appropriate distance between you and the car in front of you to avoid a hard stop.

    Inspect your tires regularly and check the tire pressure with a pressure gauge. Adjust the pressure as needed according to what’s recommended by the manufacturer. Avoid overloading the car with unnecessary weight, and keep the tires aligned and rotated regularly.

    Don’t hesitate to visit your mechanic if you’re concerned. If you’re not sure if your mechanic checks out your tires when you bring the car in for regularly scheduled service, ask them specifically to do it, including examining the valve stem and treads. Hold onto your receipts and service records so you know when your current set of tires was purchased. This will help you know when to start shopping for new tires and replace them before they go flat.

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